Porcelain Vase

At last we feel we are able to plan for the future. Fairs are written into diaries and flights are booked. We are hoping that all will go smoothly from now on. We are vaccinated and ready!

Jens has a new Limited Edition piece made in collaboration with potter and old friend Heather Muir. Heather normally works her magic with full sized pots but enjoyed the challenge of working in 1/12th scale.

The piece is a Danish Porcelain vase with Silver Art Nouveau Butterfly design.

The Limited Edition will be 30.

Hi everyone!

We wish you all very good health.

Covid 19 has been a really difficult thing to contend with in our miniature business. Fairs have been cancelled across the board, posting to other countries that have required flights have been suspect..BUT you have been amazing and continue to be in touch, order miniatures and patiently wait for them to arrive with you. We have posted to America, Australia, Norway to name but a few and everything has arrived safely.

Jens has remained busy throughout Lock Down and continues to be in his workshop fulfilling orders and researching new items to make. We have added to the price list as you will see. We have also started to be a presence on Instagram: #jens_torp_design.

Our greatest excitement has been the arrival of our daughter Lotte's baby..Hunter. He is our first grandchild. He was born on 8th August (Shani's birthday!) and is staying here with his mummy. It is an absolute joy to see him and be able to cuddle him on a daily basis.
Please continue to keep in touch with us. The Fairs and the Masterclasses will start again as soon as we are able to do so.
Until then know that we think of you all and hope that you are well and surviving this new battle.

Very best wishes and good health to you all.

Jens and Shani


In september 2017 I was invited to take part in 'Miniature Masterworks' held at The National Museum of Toys and Miniatures in Kansas City.

All the exhibitors were encouraged to make a special item for the show. I chose to make a French Etui, circa 1780.

I really enjoyed the challenge of this piece. A variety of both materials and expertise were required. I carved the mother of pearl inserted in the lid and used antique ivory for the 8 small sewing items contained inside. 18ct yellow and white gold and platinum were used in the making of it.

It is now on display in the wonderful Kathleen Savage Browning Miniatures Collection at the Kentucky Gateway Museum Centre in Maysville Kentucky.

Ham House: Calverly Set 1683

Ham House is a beautiful National Trust 17th century property on the River Thames in Richmond in London.

In 2016 - 2017 I was very pleased to be commissioned along with other miniaturists to make wonderful pieces for Ham House, created in 1/12th scale by Kevin Mulvany and Susan Rogers. Some of the items I made were able to be added to my collection. Others became one-off items.

Calverly Set 1683

The original set is to be found in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.
The set consists of 14 items, including an extravagant mirror, boxes, porringers and pincushions.
It is for sale only as a complete set.
It is a Limited Edition of 10.

Ham House: Bellows 1670

The full sized bellows are to be seen in Ham House in Richmond.
The miniature is made of very fine suede leather and pear wood. The bellows are fitted with a decorative silver mount.
I use 50 handmade silver nails in its construction.
This is available as part of my collection. Ref 662

Ham House: Ebony Mirror 1673

This is a very intricate piece on view in the Queen's bedroom in Ham House itself.
It was made in the Netherlands in 1673.
The curator of Ham House kindly allowed me, after removing my shoes, to step across a 13th century Chinese carpet to get closer to it.
I was able to view the mirror from all angles and to take measurements.
I found the 'stay' at the back of the mirror particularly beautiful.
This is a Limited Edition of 20.

Ham House: Fender 1638

This is to be found in the Queen's Bedchamber in Ham House.
This is available as part of my collection. Ref 669


Tiffany and Co New York 1894.

Limited Edition of 30.

The theme of the decoration on the vase is the wind and the sea. Seven conch blowers arise from the surf and are gathered around the neck of the vase.

  1. Turning the basic shape of the vase in wax on the lathe.
  2. The wax is then carved with the details of the pattern.
  3. The first prototype is cast from the wax.
  4. The vase is then assembled and the seven conch blowers are soldered to the main body.
  5. The finished polished and hallmarked vase.

Gentleman's Travelling Canteen

Attributed to Ebenezer Oliphant 1740.

Limited Edition of 30.

Containing: 2 silver drinking beakers, gilded on insides.
Turned boxwood receptacle for 2 sets of cutlery, container for salt and pepper, corkscrew with nutmeg grinder.
The cutlery, knife, fork and spoon are all in two pieces screwed together for use.

  1. Turning the boxwood insert on the lathe.
  2. The competed boxwood insert showing holes for utensils.
  3. The outer canteen has been 'stopped off' and is ready for gilding.
  4. Gilding completed.
  5. Finished Gentleman's Travelling Canteen.

Griffin Ewer

Originally made in Germany in 1120. The Griffin is a fantastical creature that combines the head and claws of a lion with the wings of an eagle. In antiquity the griffin held a positive image as a protector and guardian. From the 12th century onwards, ewers depicting creatures such as lions and unicorns were very popular. They were made in precious metals. Ewers were vessels used for washing hands.

My 12th scale piece is made in sterling silver and partly gilt. I am making a limited edition of 50 (£360).

  1. Block of wax with tools and drawing.
  2. Jens carving.
  3. Wax, in progress.
  4. First casting in silver.
  5. The finished Ewer.

Creating the Pokal

1. First step of making the master pattern. The Pokal is turned in brass on the lathe.

2. I then carve and engrave the shape and surface decoration.

3. (close-up)

4. Here we have the first casting in Sterling Silver before cleaning up and applying final details.

5. Completed Pokal. It has been Hallmarked and Gilded appropriately.

Latest Limited Edition

Here we have a Herb and Oil box, originating in 1680 in Holland. The interior of the wooden box is divided into 9 compartments with equal number of porcelain flasks. The delicate Japanese porcelain bottles are decorated with vines and plants. The flasks each have a silver neck with a silver stopper. On the bottom of the bottles is the mark VOC. This means Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie, in English, United East India Company.

The flasks would have been filled with oils extracted from spices like nutmeg, cinnamon and sandalwood.

The 12th scale Limited Edition is made by 3 craftsmen;
The wooden box is made by Geoffrey Wonnacott. The porcelain bottles are made by Terry Curran and the silver work by Jens Torp.

This is a Limited Edition of 30 boxes.